2017 festival

20th Olympia Festival – the awards

International Jury Awards


If one’s looking for an exemplary showcase of bridging different ages, contradictions and social hardships, they should attend the one and only Olympia International Film Festival. Its effect on the local community as well as to its international audience and the whole world make it one of the most useful and creative institutions in Greece & beyond.
In the past week, we’ve watched brilliant films from all around the world and children, teachers and creators from different countries meeting, enjoying themselves and celebrating the freedom of expression, participation and interaction. We were very pleasantly surprised  by the large number of young people attending the screenings and this for us is proof that film and cinema are still relevant and an alluring space of socialising for young people living in the age of the “mobile screen”.
The Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People is an example to us all, both spectators as well as creators and citizens. Now more than ever, this event inspires optimism
during a difficult time in global history.

The Awards

Best Feature Fiction Film

Strawberry days / Wiktor Ericsson / Sweden-Poland, 2017, 93΄
For the effective cinematic portrayal of social inequality in Europe.

Best Short Fiction Film

Schoolyard Blues / Maria Eriksson / Sweden, 2017, 17΄
For the comprehensive portrayal of a day in the hard life of two young brothers.

Best Animated Short Film

Homegrown / Quentin Haberham / U.K, 2017, 9’
For its very crafty technique and the film’s timely topic.

Best Feature Film Director

Village Rockstars /Rima Das / India, 2017, 87’
Rima Das’ film is an excellent specimen of the great Indian school of magic realism, focusing on the strength and determination of the most unprivileged members of society.

Best Feature Film Screenplay

Little Harbour /Iveta Grófová / Slovakia-Czech Republic-Hungary, 2017, 85΄
No one could have imagined these events happening in the most developed part of central Europe. But children can escape through the power of imagination.

Best Young Actor in a Feature Film

To Makan Nathan Diarra for “Wallay” / Berni Goldblat / France-Burkina Faso-Qatar, 2017, 84΄
A normal kid manages without any tricks to convey the vivid feelings of the complex role he was called to portray, giving a face and dimension to adolescence.

Best Young Actress in a Feature Film

To Bhanita Das for “Village Rockstars” /Rima Das / India, 2017, 87’
The physical presence of young Bhanita Das, and her relationship with the vast marshlands, harmonically embrace her inner strength as well as that of the rest of that wretched place’s inhabitants.

Special Mention

White Bridge / Ali Ghavitan / Iran, 2017, 80’
Economy in cinema is not a small budget, but a sparity of narrative. Ali Ghavitan’s film achieves it in every level. His drive was to cinematically portray the hardship of a child who is targeted as a scapegoat. But solidarity is stronger.

Special Mention

Village Rockstars / Rima Das / India, 2017, 87’
We would like to praise the special cinematography of this film for its brilliant depicting of the extreme hardships of a magical world.

Kids & Docs Jury Awards

The array of film selection presented to the jury has been geographically extensive and very intensive in terms of topics. We have seen a very political selection and big variety of aesthetical approaches in documentary filmmaking. And therefore this year we had hard choice defining the winning films.


The Awards

Best Feature Documentary

Listen to the silence / Mariam Chachia / Georgia, 2016, 80‘
For a very compassionate observation of a handicapped child with surprising talents. The film incorporates various cinematic elements for expressing a delicate topic.

Best Feature Documentary Director

Becoming who I was / Chang-Yong Moon & Jin Jeon / South Korea, 2016, 95’
In a poetic way of storytelling and outstanding visual concept, the director allows western audience to have an intimate insight to a foreign culture. Universal truths of life are portrayed in such a way so that everybody could identify with.

Best Short-Medium Length Documentary

The wait / Emil Langballe / Denmark, 2016, 58’
After escaping death in their wartime country the family is actually pushed in to an unbearable situation, as are thousands of other asylum seeking families, who are waiting for clearance of their status in Europe to be finalized.

Special Mention

Kayayo-the living shopping baskets / Mari Bakke Riise / Norway, 2016, 32’
The film addresses very sensitive issues of gender in equality and child exploitation in a very cinematic manner. It gives an excellent example of suppression of children in Ghana.

Special Mention

A bastard child / Knutte Wester / Sweden-Norway, 2016, 57’
For the personal way it is addressing important political issues – like the human rights of women and kids. The creative use of the hand painted animations is outstanding and gives the film a unique aesthetical approach.

Special Mention

Life animated / Roger Ross Williams / USA, 2016, 91’
For showing how an autistic child found his voice with the power of film and what films are able to achieve.


Children’s Jury Awards

Best Feature Fiction Film

Boy on the Bridge / Petros Charalambous / Cyprus,  2016, 85’
For its thrilling twists, its brilliant child actors and its engaging portrayal of a closed community.

Best Short Fiction Film

Goldfish / Yorgos Angelopoulos / Greece, 2017, 14΄
For its original and beautiful message, its lively music and its strong perfomances.

Best Animated Short Film

Twin islands / Manon Sailly, Charlotte Sarfati, Christine Jaudoin, Lara Cochetel, Raphaël Huot &Fanny Teisson / France, 2017, 7΄.
We picked this film for its graphics, storyline and strong message about uniqueness and lust for power.

Best Feature Documentary

A bastard child / Knutte Wester / Sweden-Norway, 2016, 57’.
This documentary brilliantly combined excellent sound and image techniques and its topic touched us profoundly. We can still see images from the film every time we close our eyes. The story of this woman serves as an example to all of us.

Best Short-Medium Length Documentary

A place for myself / Marie-Clémentine Dusabejambo / Rwanda, 2016, 21’
For its message that respect and tolerance are worth fighting for constantly. Many times, one needs to struggle to find one’s place in society without taking anything for granted.

Special Mention

Life animated / Roger Ross Williams / USA, 2016, 91’
The story of Owen and his family proves that love, patience, understanding and determination help us overcome any obstacle. This film affected us all and showed us a different perspective of the world we live in.


Special Awards

“Human Values Award” of the Hellenic Parliament

Listen to the silence / Mariam Chachia / Georgia, 2016, 80‘


European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) Award

Little Harbour /Iveta Grófová / Slovakia-Czech Republic-Hungary, 2017, 85΄
For an excellent film created from a child’s perspective.


European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) DOC Award

Kayayo-the living shopping baskets / Mari Bakke Riise / Norway, 2016, 32’
For its strong portrayal of a society that depended on child exploitation in Ghana. With its cinematic expression the director showed us the fragility and the strength of a little girl who with her labour provides for an entire family. We want to honor a film for its strong statement regarding gender issues and equality – not only in terms of human rights for adults but especially for younger generations.


Award of the Hellenic National Committee for UNICEF

White Bridge / Ali Ghavitan / Iran, 2017, 80’


Greek Film Clubs’ Association Award

Strawberry days / Wiktor Ericsson / Sweden-Poland, 2017, 93΄


Centre International du Film pour l’ Enfance et la Jeunesse (CIFEJ) Prize

CIFEJ Certificate and Trophy

Wallay / Berni Goldblat / France-Burkina Faso-Qatar, 2017, 84΄,
A believable story where different worlds meet, shown by wonderful performances


CIFEJ Certificate

Ayny, my second eye / Ahmad Saleh / Germany, Jordan, Palestine, 2016, 11’
An important story that provides us with a perspective of a world in crisis.

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