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All that remains

    Ce Qui Demeure

    Belgium / Color / 17' / 2017

    Pierrot is turning seven years old today and lost his first tooth. He celebrates his birthday with his brother, sister and father. Only his mom is missing, bedridden upstairs…

    Anne-Lise Morin

    Anne-Lise Morin was born in Grenoble, France, in 1988. After two years training in Ciné Sup’, Nantes, she got into the Belgian film school INSAS with a major in “Cinematography for cinema and television”. Four years later, she undertook a two years Master’s degree in scriptwriting. All That Remains is her first short movie.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Anne-Lise Morin
    • Screenplay: Anne-Lise Morin
    • Cinematography: Juliette Van Dormael
    • Editing: Agathe Hervieu
    • music: Sacha Carlson
    • Sound Design: Valérie Le Docte
    • Film Cast: Solal Berman, Axel Capite, Charlotte Denis, Alexandre Trocki
    • original language:  French