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St. Elliot

    St. Elliot

    Norway / Color / 10' / 2017

    Elliot, a six year old boy, has just lost his grandfather, and now his dog is sick too. Worried about the dog’s destiny he asks his grandmother what will happen to the dog if he dies. When Elliot finds out that dogs don’t go to heaven like humans do, and that his grandfather and his dog never will be united again, he sets out on a mission to bring them together.

    Tord Theodor Olsen

    Tord T. Olsen has been working for Deadline Media since 2011. He has a degree in journalism, and works as a film photographer, writer and director for fiction and documentary films.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Tord Theodor Olsen
    • Screenplay: Tord Theodor Olsen
    • Cinematography: Kevin Benum Kjeldsrud
    • Editing: Kevin Benum Kjeldsrud
    • music: Paul Eisenach
    • Sound Design: Roy Fenstad
    • Film Cast: Svend Arvid Aspaas, Ragna Schwenke, Matheo Anbakk
    • producer:: Therese Korsvik Eliassen
    • original language:  Norwegian


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