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    Greece / Color / 5' / 2020 9+

    A boy wonders around the wilderness of Andros island until he discovers another aspect of the world that makes him contemplate.

    Thimios Bakatakis

    He was born in Athens. He has been working as a Director of Photography for the past 20 years, and he is now one of the most established internationally. "Dive" is his first short film as a director.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Thimios Bakatakis
    • Screenplay: Thimios Bakatakis
    • Cinematography: Thimios Bakatakis
    • Editing: Thimios Bakatakis
    • music: CotiK
    • Sound Design: Leandros Ntounis
    • Film Cast: Leon Krikris, Giannis Lemas
    • producer:: Thimios Bakatakis
    • original language:  No Dialogue


    • Neighbours (2014)
    • Little Hanoi (2013)
    • Heavy mental (2012)
    • Little warriors (2005)