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Orchestra from the Land of Silence

    Orchestra from the Land of Silence / Orchester z krajiny ticha

    Slovakia / Color / 30' / 2020 9+

    Zohra is the first all-female orchestra of Afghanistan. Girls are preparing for their journey to play a concert in Europe. We see their everyday reality in today’s Afghanistan through the eyes of a 16 year old girl, Marzia. After arriving in Europe an unexpected thing happens and four members of the orchestra decide to run away.

    Lucia Kasova

    She was born in 1983 in Bratislava, Slovakia. She traveled most of her life around the globe, until experiencing wasn't enough, so she started to look for an artistic form to communicate her thoughts. She found this form in Documentary Directing and started her studies in 2014 in VSMU in Bratislava, where she continues until this day. Her shorts had been awarded at various festivals in Europe. She is currently working on her debut feature length film.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Lucia Kasova
    • Screenplay: Barbora Bodnarova, Lucia Kasova
    • Cinematography: Martin Jurci
    • Editing: Peter Moravek
    • music: Zohra orchestra
    • Sound Design: Daniel Hornak
    • Film Cast: Marzia Anwary, Ahmad Sarmast
    • producer:: Michal Kascak, Lucia Kasova
    • original language:  Dari, English


    • Neverili SME (2019)
    • Betónová doba (2018)
    • 21: dokument o Pohode 2017 (2017)
    • 43 Years of Bratislava Metro (2017)