Awards of the 15th Olympia Int. Film Festival for Children and Young People

15th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People
Pyrgos, December 1-8, 2012


International Jury Awards for the Fiction and Animation Section of the 15th Olympia Festival

As the international jury of feature, live action shorts and animation films we have seen the impact this festival has on the children of the region and their parents.
During the screenings we have experienced the noise of the audience which comes from their enthusiasm and their desire to participate. And we have also experienced the delicate silences when the reception of a film required it and this reaction is simply beautiful.
We want to underline the importance and necessity of a festival such as this: bringing high quality films to an audience that would otherwise not be able to view them. It is often said that children are our future and it is we who have to care for the proper conditions so that they can grow into that future. Good films are not only an amazing means to shape the media competence of our children but are also the means to promote their social competence and communication abilities. Therefore we do not understand the decision of the Local Council not to finance this festival anymore. In fact, it is our observation that the festival deserves to receive more funds and we trust that the community and the festival will find a way to work towards a positive future.
The international jury wishes to thank all the people working and volunteering for the Olympia Film Festival. We have been impressed by the hospitality we have received. The festival is loved by many people and we are delighted to have been part of it.

Best Feature Film
Kauwboy by Boudewijn Koole (The Netherlands, 2012) for its delicate portrayal of how grief affects a father and son, showing us how they come to their own understanding.
Best Short Fiction Film
Ambitious by Ainur Askarov (Russia, 2011) for the power of, and the boy’s passion for cinema.
Best Short Animated Film
The Window by Camille Müller (Switzerland, 2012) for both its beautiful evocation of friendship for the very young and its effective artistic realisation.
Best Feature Film Director
Boudewijn Koole (Kauwboy/ The Netherlands, 2012) for making a difficult story seem absolutely authentic and powerful.
Best Feature Film Screenplay
Rebecca Thomas (Electrick Children/ USA, 2012) for a well told story, opening a window on to a world most of us know little about.
Best Young Actor in a Feature Film
Rick Lens (Kauwboy/The Netherlands, 2012) for his sensitive portrayal which captures the full range of emotions.
Best Young Actress in a Feature Film
Julia Garner (Electrick Children/ USA, 2012) for her compelling ability to make us the believe the unbelievable.
Special Mention
Bread by Koray Sevindi (Turkey, 2012) for its imaginative presentation of a universal truth.
Special Mention
Death of a Superhero by Ian FitzGibbon (Germany-Ireland, 2011) for the young lead, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and the ensemble of young actors.

ECFA (European Children’s Film Association) Award
to Kauwboy by Boudewijn Koole (The Netherlands, 2012)

CIFEJ (Centre International du Film pour l’ Enfance et la Jeunesse) Prize
to Electrick Children by Rebecca Thomas (USA, 2012)

Hellenic National Committee for UNICEF Prize
The basis for every action of UNICEF is the Convention of the Rights of the Child.
And this means every child — a child that lives in Africa, as well as one that was born in an Asian country, children from both Americas, as well as children from the north and south of Europe.
Boys and girls, independent of their skin color, the language they speak, their religion, their manners and customs. Every young person needs to be protected, needs to be offered the opportunity to live and healthy life, both physically and mentally, and to be offered an opportunity to develop their skills.
Cultural events such as this Festival serve that exact purpose of developing children and young people skills. Because every art form, and especially the youngest among them —cinema— helps us get to know ourselves and the people around us.
With that in mind, stressing the value of artistic expression, the Hellenic National Committee for UNICEF presents this award to a directorially sound film that was lucky to take on board a talented young boy. A film that speaks with honesty, boldness and multiple understanding for one of the greatest mysteries of a young person’s thought — death.
To Kauwboy by Boudewijn Koole (The Netherlands, 2012)

Kids & Docs Jury Awards

Best Feature Documentary
Unanimously to the film In my mother’s arms by Mohamed Jabarah Al-Daradji and Atia Jabarah Al-Daradji (UK-Netherlands-Iraq, 2011)
Best Short Documentary
Unanimously to the film Veronika by Mark Michel (Germany, 2011)
Special Mention
The passenger by Pia Andell (Finland, 2012)
Special Mention
The island of the dolls by Wayner Tristao and Lucas Bonini (Mexico, 2012)

Children’s Jury Awards

Best Feature Film
Death of a Superhero by Ian FitzGibbon (Germany-Ireland, 2011)
Best Short Fiction Film
Paper Boat by Helmy Nouh (Egypt, 2012)
Best Short Animated Film
LUMINARIS by Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina, 2011)
Best Feature Documentary
In my mother’s arms by Mohamed Jabarah Al-Daradji and Atia Jabarah Al-Daradji (UK-Netherlands-Iraq, 2011)
Best Short Documentary
The passenger by Pia Andell (Finland, 2012)