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2021, Approaches towards childhood and youth in modern Greek cinema

It is the fourth year that the Olympia International Film Festival includes the ‘Approaches Towards Childhood and Youth in Modern Greek Cinema’ feature in its programme. As always, the feature includes recent short films by Greek filmmakers about childhood and youth, without exclusively addressing children as the audience. As noted in the past, many Greek filmmakers have a keen interest in the subject of youth and adolescence; this interest often functions as a motive for creation, and plays a primary role in their scripts. In a festival for children and young people, this phenomenon is interesting and worthy of observation, and constitutes the reason for the creation of the feature. Furthermore, the feature also aims to encourage filmmakers to create films which render children not only as the subject matter, but also as the audience of the creation. Our Olympia “Creative Ideas” Pitching Lab, which was established in 2018, also moves in this direction.

This year’s selection includes 14 films. Some have gained great recognition in major film festivals, while others are still lesser-known. Still, each of our features consists of a total of choices, a jigsaw puzzle offered to the festival programmer by the film market. The viewer constitutes the third apex in this triangle of communication!