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    Netherlands-France, 55', 2019

    age recommendation: 9+

    Just 10-years old and already a quadruple kickboxing world-champion. Amira Tahri lets the world in on her life for the very first time in a documentary by Elza Jo, who followed the supertalent over a period of time.

    Elza Jo Tratlehner

    She is an established photographer known for her eclectic and raw visuals. In recent years, she has dived head first into the world of documentary film-making including ‘Jolene’ and the Videoland-series ‘Famke Louise’. Across all her work, her fierce and explosive style carries a special energy, reflecting a hands-on and dynamic approach to content creation. Over the years, Elza Jo has worked with a range of global brands and agencies on high-profile commercial campaigns.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Elza Jo Tratlehner
    • cinematography: Elza Jo Tratlehner
    • editing: Femke Klein Obbink
    • sound: Benjamin van Braasem
    • cast:  Amira Tahri , Vahid Abdi , Hanan , Younes
    • producer:  Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen , Tess Vermeer
    • production company: Halal
    • original language:  Dutch


    • Famke Louise (2018)
    • Jolene (2017)