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    Astel / Astel

    France-Senegal, 24', 2021

    age recommendation: 13+

    It’s October, the end of the rainy season in Fouta, an isolated region in the north of Senegal. Everyday, Astel (13) and her father look after their herd of cows. But one day, in the middle of the desert, the meeting between the young girl and a shepherd disrupts the peaceful daily life between Astel and her father.

    Ramata-Toulay SY

    After completing a Master’s degree in Performing Arts with a specialization in Cinema and a Master’s degree in Screenwriting, Ramata-Toulaye Sy attended the Equal Opportunity Workshops at La Fémis in 2009-2010. She officially entered the school in 2011, in the Screenwriting department, and graduated in 2015. She worked, among others, as a screenwriter on the film "Sibel", as well as on "Notre-Dame of the Nile" by Atiq Rahimi. "Astel" is her directorial debut.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Ramata-Toulay SY
    • screenplay: Ramata-Toulay Sy
    • cinematography: Amine Berrada
    • editing: Nathan Jacquard
    • music: Amine Bouhafa
    • sound: Ousmane Coly, Olivier Voisin, Romain Ozanne
    • cast:  Hawa Mamadou Dia, Cherif Amadou Diallo, Alassane Hamet Ly, Khady Diallo, Amadou Diallo
    • producer:  Margaux Juvénal, Maud Leclair
    • production company: La Chauve-Souris
    • original language: Fulfulde