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Being someone else

    Being someone else

    UK-Norway, 9', 2020

    age recommendation: 10+

    The film is a snapshot of Imogen’s (13) coming-of-age story, leading up to a cosplay convention in London. We observe how she meticulously chooses the fictional character she wants to dress up as and crafts her costume in time for the final event. However, Imogen’s process of becoming someone else quickly triggers an inner conflict as she tries to accept herself as an autistic teenager after being kicked out of school.

    Øyvind Aamli

    He is a Norwegian documentary director with a focus on intimate character-led stories. He has a 13-year career as a songwriter and producer in London’s music scene as well as audio post production. Over the last five years Øyvind has been developing his voice as a documentary writer and director through films about belonging, autism and the refugee crisis in Europe. He holds a MA in documentary film with Raindance and is currently developing his first feature documentary.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Øyvind Aamli
    • screenplay: Øyvind Aamli
    • cinematography: Øyvind Aamli
    • editing: John Murphy, Alex Cockburn
    • music: David Nicholas
    • sound: Wayne Urquhart
    • producer:  Øyvind Aamli
    • production company: SP Film
    • original language:  English


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