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Candy Can

    Candy Can

    Romania, 10', 2021

    age recommendation: 12+

    A vulnerable boy works very hard to escape from a stark reality. He surrounds himself by a world of toys and games but as the truth starts to emerge his refuge might turn out to be a trap.

    Anton Octavian

    He was born in 1986. He is a Romanian director and animator, living and working in Bucharest. After completing his studies in 2008 with a Bachelor's Degree of Arts in Sculpture he started experimenting in a new medium, animation and started producing and directing short films and music videos. His films are created through various techniques, from rotoscoping and 2D to cut out and hand-drawn animation.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Anton Octavian
    • screenplay: Cristian Pascariu
    • cinematography: Andreea Gurban
    • editing: Andreea Gurban
    • music: Troup
    • sound: Ionut Grigore
    • cast:  Theodor Lebenita, Adnana Maria Mihaila, Ovidiu Onisei, Andrei Anton
    • producer:  Mihai Mitrica
    • production company: Safe Frame
    • original language:  No Dialogue


    • Elmando (2014)
    • Septembers (2010)
    • My Friend Is A Cloud (2009)