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Desert Dogs

    Desert Dogs

    Switzerland, 20', 2020

    age recommendation: 14+

    The film follows two Moroccans - Aya and Ibrahim, who live life by their own rules, from one moment to the next. They represent what they call "the new generation of Morocco", with an uprising Skateboarding culture in its centre.

    Samuel Morris

    He is a young director from Basel, Switzerland. His constant striving to combine strong narrative skills with stylistic, visual design makes him a name in the young and emerging film industry. In 2018 he directed two seasons of the series "NR. 47" for Swiss Television, which was awarded the Zurich Television Prize.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Samuel Morris
    • screenplay: Samuel Morris
    • cinematography: Fabio Tozzo
    • editing: Dennis Gnoni
    • music: Gordian Gleiss, Markus Sasse, Alexis Troy
    • sound: Philip Zimmermann, Marco Müller
    • producer:  Gilles Germann
    • production company: Hillton AG
    • original language:  Arabic