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A School in Cerro Hueso

    A School in Cerro Hueso / Una escuela en Cerro Hueso

    Argentina, 70', 2020

    age recommendation: 8+

    At the age of six, Ema has to start school – yet most schools are unwilling to accept a pupil diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The only ones prepared to teach her are the staff of a small rural school on the Paraná River. For Ema‘s family, this means leaving the city behind to start a new life in the country. Being close to nature, spending time with her classmate Irena and a mare called Estrellita, and also the unprejudiced approach of the local community help Ema take some small but important steps forward.

    Betania Cappato

    She is a photographer and filmmaker born in Colastine, Argentina in 1984. She studied at the Instituto Superior de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales de Santa Fe. Her documentary "Frankie" premiered at the Doc Buenos Aires film festival.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Betania Cappato
    • screenplay: Betania Cappato, Iván Fund
    • cinematography: Iván Fund
    • editing: Betania Cappato, Iván Fund, Mariano Luque
    • music: Mauro Mourelos
    • sound: Leandro de Loredo, Bechen de Loredo, Juan Nanio
    • cast:  Clementina Folmer, Mara Bestelli, Pablo Seijo, Irene Zequin, Ariel Núñez, Mónica Núñez, Carla Rucitti, Viviana Taus
    • producer:  Iván Fund, Betania Cappato
    • production company: Iván Fund (Iván Fund), Betania Cappato (Iván Fund)
    • original language:  Spanish


    • Frankie (2018)