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    Neighbours / Nachbarn

    Ελβετία, 125′, 2021

    age recommendation: 12+

    A little village on the Syrian-Turkish border in the early 80’s: A six-year old Kurdish boy experiences his first year in an Arab school and sees how his little world is radically changed by absurd nationalism. With a fine sense of humor and satire, the film tells of a childhood, which, between dictatorship and dark drama, also has its light moments. How much friendship, love and solidarity are possible in times of repression and despotism?

    Mano Khalil

    He was born in Kurdistan - Syria. He has studied History and Law at Damascus University in Syria and fiction film Direction in the former Czechoslovakia. From 1990 until 1995, he worked as an independent film director for Czechoslovakian and later for the Slovakian Television. Since 1996 he lives in Switzerland, working as an independent film director and producer. In 2012 he grounded the production film company Frame Film.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Mano Khalil
    • screenplay: Mano Khalil
    • cinematography: Stéphane Kuthy
    • editing: Thomas Bachmann
    • music: Mario Batkovic
    • sound: Thomas Bachmann, Dominik Ratz
    • cast:  Serhad Khalil, Jay Abdo, Jalal Altawil, Zirek Zirek, Tuna Dwek, Heval Naif
    • producer:  Mano Khalil
    • production company: Frame Film
    • original language:  Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish


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