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    Noise / Vacarme

    Canada, 75', 2019

    age recommendation: 12+

    Émilie, a thirteen-year-old, has been placed in a youth protection group home. Confronted by strict new rules and the authoritarian presence of her case worker, she chooses to flee her new reality even if this means denying her own needs. All she wants is to fill her need for love even if this means returning at any cost to her egocentric mother Karine. Worse, the young girl is subjected to the bad influence of sixteen-year-old Ariel, her roommate with whom she gets into a lot of trouble. But each meeting Émilie has with Renaud, who gives her guitar lessons, are for her glimmers of hope.

    Neegan Trudel

    He is a director of Wendat origin. After embarking on a 3-year journey around the world, he decided to specialize himself in the industry of special effects and 3D animation. Looking for new tools and challenging ways to tell his stories, he completed the Cinema program from L'inis in 2017. In 2019, he finished his first feature film, "Vacarme".

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Neegan Trudel
    • screenplay: Jonathan Lemire
    • cinematography: Philippe Roy
    • editing: Marianne Langston
    • music: Maxime Fortin
    • sound: Patrice Leblanc
    • cast:  Rosalie Pepin, Kelly Depeault, Sophie Desmarais, Rudi Lou Duperre, Rosalie Julien
    • producer:  Line Egede
    • production company: Tak Films
    • original language:  French


    • Ahchiouta’a (2019)
    • Ashen Sleep (2017)
    • Guanzillum (2017)
    • Audrey (2017)
    • Montreal Dead End (2017)