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Five Pebbles

    Five Pebbles / Paanchika

    India, 14', 2020

    age recommendation: 12+

    7-year-old Miri sets off to deliver lunch across a desert of Salt Pyramids. She's followed by Suba, an outcast, who keeps her distance because they are not supposed to play together. What follows is a tale of friendship where the bounds of society unravel one pebble at a time. Even today, India judges with a lens of caste and religion. "Five Pebbles" portrays how friendship survives all these social norms.

    Ankit Kothari

    He completed his undergrad in Fine Arts and has worked as an art director in advertising agencies. He was the graphic designer and assistant director for several Indian films. He was the First Assistant Director for "Tumbbad", which was the opening film of Venice International Film Critics Week (2018). "Five pebbles" is his directorial debut.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Ankit Kothari
    • screenplay: Vyankatesh Madgulkar, Ankit Kothari
    • cinematography: Kuldeep Mamania
    • editing: Manan Bhatt, Ankit Kothari
    • sound: Pritam Das
    • cast:  Anjali Thakore, Aarti Thakore
    • producer:  Shreya Kapadia
    • original language:  Gujarati