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Fox for Edgar

    Fox for Edgar / Fuchs für Edgar

    Germany, 8′, 2021

    age recommendation: 3+

    Edgar is not getting a lot of attention and affection from his parents, as they prefer spending time with their smartphones and laptops than with their son. In the forest, a fox helps lonely Edgar until his parents suddenly get a wake-up call.

    Pauline Kortmann

    She studied Animation at Film and Television Academy "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam Babelsberg. She is part of Talking Animals Animation Collective in Berlin and works free-lance as animation filmmaker and photographer. Her short films "Chicken Wings" and "Frog Weather" have been screened successfully at international film festivals and won numerous awards.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Pauline Kortmann
    • screenplay: Pauline Kortmann
    • cinematography: Pauline Kortmann
    • editing: Pauline Kortmann
    • music: Zoe Keating
    • sound: Michał Krajczok
    • cast: Beatrice Matis, Sonja Rohleder, Marco Rosenberg
    • producer:  Pauline Kortmann
    • production company: Talking Animals Animation Collective
    • original language:  No Dialogue


    • Frog weather (2011)
    • Chicken wings (2008)