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The Chimney Swift

    The Chimney Swift / Der Schornsteinsegler

    Germany, 5', 2020

    age recommendation: 8+

    A chimney sweeper describes his everyday routine of forcing young kids to become workers. While we observe a kid cleaning a chimney, the master's statement gets more personal with every sentence.

    Frédéric Schuld

    He is an author, director and animator. He founded the studio “Fabian&Fred” with Fabian Driehorst. His award winning short “Carlotta’s Face” was screened in more than 230 festivals.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Frédéric Schuld
    • screenplay: Frédéric Schuld, Fabian Driehorst
    • cinematography: Frédéric Schuld
    • editing: Frédéric Schuld
    • music: Frédéric Schuld
    • sound: Alex Müller-Welt
    • cast:  Henry Holland, Joschua Zühlke
    • producer:  Fabian Driehorst
    • production company: Fabian&Fred
    • original language:  English


    • Carlotta’s face (2018)