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The Kicksled Choir

    The Kicksled Choir / Sparkekoret

    Norway, 18', 2020

    age recommendation: 9+

    Ten-year-old Gabriel loves to sing and has one desire: to sing in the local choir. The group rides kick-sled through the snowy landscape of Northern-Norway and is known for their kindness and charity towards the village refugees. But when Gabriel's father gets into a fight with one of the local refugees, Gabriel's quest to join The Kicksled Choir becomes challenging.

    Torfinn Iversen

    He was born in 1985 in Sortland, Norway. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Culture from Lillehammer University College, and graduated from Nordland College of Art and Film in 2009. Iversen participated at Berlinale Talent Campus in 2009, and his short film "Levi’s Horse" was selected to the Generation section of Berlinale 2012. His debut feature film "Oskar’s America", won the first Eurimages Co-production Development Award in 2014 and premiered in the Generation section of Berlinale 2017. His shortfilm "Bog Hole" was screened at numerous film festivals around the world.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Torfinn Iversen
    • screenplay: Torfinn Iversen
    • cinematography: Odd Reinhardt Nicolaysen
    • editing: Torfinn Iversen
    • music: Sander Stedenfeld Olsen
    • sound: Rune Hansen
    • cast:  Stig Henrik Hoff, Benoni Brox Krane, Nicolay Evans
    • producer:  Julia Andersen
    • production company: Fjordic Film AS
    • original language:  Norwegian


    • Bog hole (2018)
    • Oskar’s Amerika (2017)
    • Blikkstille (2016)
    • Just like kids (2014)
    • Unspoken (2013)
    • Return (2012)
    • Levi’s horse (2011)
    • Concerts for Maria (2011)