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The Orphanage

    The Orphanage

    Germany-South Africa-France, 9', 2021

    age recommendation: 6+

    Set in the rural plains of Lesotho, the film documents a day in the life of children living in a Buddhist orphanage, leading to an exploration of shifting power relations and moral value systems.

    Teboho Edkins

    He was born in 1980 in Tennessee, USA and grew up in Southern Africa. He currently lives and works in Cape Town and Berlin. His films have shown at over 500 film festivals, as well as at various group and solo exhibitions, including at the Centre Pompidou and Tate Modern. His films have also been acquired by several public and private art collections.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Teboho Edkins
    • screenplay: Teboho Edkins
    • cinematography: Samuel Lahu
    • editing: Teboho Edkins
    • sound: Julian Cropp
    • producer:  Don Edkins
    • production company: Day Zero Films
    • original language:  Mandarin Chinese


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