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Thom & Stoffel

    Thom & Stoffel

    Belgium, 17', 2021

    age recommendation: 9+

    Thom’s best friend is Stoffel, a 25 year old Shetland pony. Wherever Thom goes, Stoffel runs along behind him. Thom is happiest on Stoffel's back. Their friendship is special, because Thom is a boy on the autism spectrum and he doesn’t make friends easily. But the inevitable happens. Thom is getting bigger and won’t fit much longer on Stoffel’s back. Will Thom choose a bigger horse? What will happen to their friendship?

    Zaïde Bil, Sébastien Segers

    They are a direction duo who have been working together for several years. They graduated both from the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema & Sound in Brussels in Documentary Directing.

    Cast & Crew

    • direction: Zaïde Bil, Sébastien Segers
    • screenplay: Sébastien Segers, Zaïde Bil
    • cinematography: Sébastien Segers
    • editing: Arnaud Callens
    • music: Peter Van Til, Mathijs Van Til
    • sound: Gedeon De Pauw
    • cast:  Thom Kilvington, Joe Kilvington
    • producer:  Sébastien Segers, Zaïde Bil
    • production company: Dokma Film
    • original language:  Dutch


    • Harige Helden (2020)
    • La Mouette (2020)
    • Memre Yu (2019)
    • An elephant’s memory (2018)
    • Seismos (2018)