Conference center, Olympia

The Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People in collaboration with the European Children’ s Film Assocation (E.C.F.A.), are organising a European Meeting with international participations in the subject of:

Cinema for Children and Young People: all around the world, in Europe, in Greece

The Meeting will be held Sunday, December 6, 2009 (09.00 -15.00) at the Conference Centre of the Ministry of Culture, in Ancient Olympia.

The aim of the Meeting is the bringing up to date, of the institutions and professionals in the audiovisual field, the institutional bodies of cinema and education, the educators, as well as everybody who is active in the area of the mental and psychological development of children and young people, for the international, the European and Greek reality specifically on the “Cinema for Children and Young People”.

The subject of the Meeting is extremely timely, since on the one hand three months ago, the issue of the “Cinema for Children and Young People in the European Union countries”, was the object of a joint meeting of the Ministers of Education and Culture in the European Union, and on the other hand, we are expecting the new legislation concerning the cinema, in Greece.

The thematic units will be as following:

  • The cultural and educational dimension of the Cinema for Children and Young People.
  • The particularities of the Cinema for Children and Young People as artistic creation. Particularities in production. The alternative distribution networks.
  • The Cinema for Children and Young People and Cinematic Education: Communicating Vessels. – The Cinema for Children and Young People in the countries of the European Union.
  • The Cinema for Children and Young People in Greece: the lack of an institutional frame, lack of production, prevalence of blockbusters and the pop corn logic. The innovative actions of the
  • Olympia Festival and the Youth Plan.
  • Joint International Productions. – The examples of South Korea, the Scandinavian countries, Hungary and Poland.
  • The leading paradigm of Denmark.

We welcome suggestions for possible expansion of the subjects. The speakers list is open and will be finalized on the 18th of November 2009.

In the frame of the optimum preparation for the Meeting we have created the following blog,, in order to serve as a place of dialogue and communication through which you can find updates concerning the Meeting and you’ll be able to “upload” contributions, comments, suggestions.