Winter Lake

Winter Lake / Talvinen järvi

film-roll Finland / Color / 15' / 2019

Children’s Juries Award (up to 12 years old) for Best short & medium length documentary  “My friends can’t believe I go camping in winter. They think it’s crazy”. But 13­ year­ old Emika loves it. It’s just as beautiful as in summertime. “You just need a good tent and sleeping bag, and warm clothes”. Every […]

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Petteri Saario

The Golden Buttons

The Golden Buttons / Золотые пуговицы

film-roll Russia / Color / 20' / 2020

“Everyone can accomplish a heroic act in their life”, says the instructor. But such a destiny is prepared for volunteer teenagers in the presidential school of cadets that trains them to serve in the National Guard created by Putin in 2016. Alex Evstigneev captures these future heroes and reveals their extreme fragility on the verge […]

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Alex Evstigneev

Tales from the Prison Cell

Tales from the Prison Cell / Mesék a zárkából

film-roll Croatia, Hungary, United Kingdom / Color / 84' / 2020

Can the power of imagination amend challenged or broken relationships? Three imprisoned fathers write fairy tales that are turned into short films featuring their own family members.This creative attempt to reconnect and heal is bitter-sweet, but with an uncertain outcome.The film explores family relationships showing how being in jail can affect the lives of a […]

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Abel Visky

Shadows of your childhood

Shadows of your childhood / Teni tvoego detstva

film-roll Russia / Color / 22' / 2019

Our house becomes shrouded in the silence of night. It grows long shadows accentuated by the random sparks of the kerosene lamp. For little Stesha, the darkness becomes a way into another world that is both frightening and fascinating. Fragments of elusive memories, voices and shimmers of light–these are the flickering sensations of childhood, and […]

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Mikhail Gorobchuk

Sandlines, the Story of History

Sandlines, the Story of History

film-roll Irak / Color / 61' / 2020

Children’s Juries Award (over 13 years old) for Best Feature Documentary The children of a mountain village near Mosul reenact a century of Iraqi history, from the secret agreement of Sykes/Picot signed in 1916 to the realm of terror established by the Islamic State in 2016. The children revisit their past to understand their present. […]

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Francis Alÿs

Pearl of the desert

Pearl of the desert / Maru Ro Moti

film-roll India, South Korea / Color / 84' / 2019

Kids & Docs Jury Award for Best Feature Documentary Moti Kahn, a 12-year-old Indian boy, is talented in singing. He loves singing the Manganiyar songs, a big part of which has been the long-time tradition of artist-hereditary patron relationship.But Moti finds singing for their patrons humiliating as they are still treated lowly,and he aspires to […]

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Pushpendra Singh

Our Island

Our Island / Ons Eiland

film-roll Netherlands / Color / 16' / 2019

In an uninhabited island in the corner of the province of Noord-Holland, two sisters Shanna(11) and Mirte (14) go on adventure. Mirte has Down syndrome and cannot catch up with her younger sister. For Shanna, this is difficult to accept. While Shanna focuses on making new inventions, she realizes that she is outgrowing her older […]

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Lennah Koster

Orchestra from the Land of Silence

Orchestra from the Land of Silence / Orchester z krajiny ticha

film-roll Slovakia / Color / 30' / 2020

Zohra is the first all-female orchestra of Afghanistan. Girls are preparing for their journey to play a concert in Europe. We see their everyday reality in today’s Afghanistan through the eyes of a 16 year old girl, Marzia. After arriving in Europe an unexpected thing happens and four members of the orchestra decide to run […]

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Lucia Kasova

My other son

My Other Son / Mi Otro Hijo

film-roll Argentina / Color / 11' / 2019

Sometimes with the sons, it happens as with the drawing, they do not come out as you imagined. This is Gusti’s story. A father who goes through bewilderment and denial, to the most unconditional love for his new son, upon discovering that he has Down Syndrome. […]

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Gustavo Alonso



film-roll Italy / Color / 19' / 2019

Colombia, 1995. A baby girl named Milady is welcomed with open arms by her new parents,who change her name to Giulia. Rome, 2017, Giulia needs to start researching her own origins through the encounter with some young people who share her same experience. This is the story of Francesca, Ananth, Giulia and Francesco, each of […]

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Giulia Tivelli
Flavia Scardini