When We Open the Gates of the Sky

When We Open the Gates of the Sky / Когда мы откроем врата в небо

film-roll Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia / Color / 7' / 2019

An inquisitive boy asks his grandfather about a man whose monument he diligently cares for. Who is this man? […]

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Pavel Bykovchenko

To the seventh

To the seventh

film-roll Greece / Color / 5' / 2020

Two 10year olds, a boy and a girl, meet for the first time in an elevator, going to the 4th floor, to another kid’s party. Their parents, who are also on the elevator, talk continuously about the kids and their everyday activities. The girl listens to music in her earphones all the time, until… the […]

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Konstantina Papadopoulou

Timo’s Winter

Timo's Winter / Inverno

film-roll Italy / Color / 17' / 2020

Timo, the youngest of a Greek community of Funfair workers, will have to face the hardest winter together with his loved ones. […]

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Giulio Mastromauro

The silence of the river

The silence of the river / El silencio del rio

film-roll Peru / Color / 14' / 2020

Juan, a 9 year-old kid, lives with his dad in a floating house across the Amazon river. Through an oniric journey into the rainforest jungle, he will discover the truth about his dad. […]

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Francesca Canepa

The Purple Child

The Purple Child / Bandsalat

film-roll Germany / Color / 17' / 2020

On the morning of her 16th birthday, Lou runs to the kitchen full of anticipation only to find total chaos. She immediately knows that her mother had another mental breakdown -and that she has to take care of her. But then her crush Matz rings the door and invites her to a concert. Lou is […]

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Tanja Hurrle

The Kid

The Kid

film-roll Canada / Color / 18' / 2019

After losing his business, a sad old man finds himself again when he meets a kid that seems to have the same passion as him. […]

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Vinicius Saramago

The comet

The comet / Kometa

film-roll Russia / Color / 13' / 2020

The girl asks both parents to watch the comet all together. This way she hopes to bring them together but they argue with each other even more. From their conversation it becomes clear that mum and dad will fight for custody of Polina in court tomorrow. Will Polina be able to change something in their […]

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Irina Obidova

The American Bull

The American Bull / Gave Amricaei

film-roll Iran / Color / 15' / 2019

In a border village between Iran and Iraq, a group of villagers is doing animal husbandry. Saheb, the teenage boy who owns the only male American bull, is heavily dependent on his bull and earns money by its servicing for breeding. […]

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Fatemeh Tousi

Shoe Shiner

Shoe Shiner / El Limpia Botas

film-roll Chile / Color / 17' / 2018

International Youth Jury Award for Best Short Fiction Film Children’s Juries Award (over 13 years old) for Best Short Fiction Film Contextualized in Chile 1989, this film narrates the story of Diego, an 11 years old shoe shiner. It portrays his struggle to survive and the loss of his innocence. […]

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Andrés Gallegos

Rough Skin

Rough Skin / La peau dure

film-roll France / Color / 21' / 2019

Raphaël is ten years old. He must help his older brother, Jérôme, a petty criminal. Raphaël’s admiration for his older brother will be put into question when they must resell the bounty from their latest loot. […]

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Naïla Guiget