Wild Lea

Wild Lea / Lea Salvaje

film-roll Colombia / Color / 9' / 2020

LEA, a strong, floral and lonely feral cat, will found out the complexity and the perks of friendship after falling from a tree and being taken care of (for the first time in her life) by CIRO, a very caring ragdoll, who will introduce her to his family of fixed-broken things. In this house, her […]

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María Teresa Salcedo Montero

Tobi and the Turbobus

Tobi and the Turbobus / Tobi und der Turbobus

film-roll Germany / Color / 8' / 2020

You fly with no seat! That’s the rule in the Turbobus. To get one is a hard day job for a young wolf on his turbo-journey to find real friendship. […]

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Verena Fels
Marc Angele

To the Dusty Sea

To the Dusty Sea / À la mer poussière

film-roll France / Color / 12' / 2020

Left alone in the deepest of the summer, Malo and Zoe are trying their best to catch their mother’s elusive eye. […]

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Héloïse Ferlay

The Coin

The Coin / 硬 币

film-roll China, USA / Color / 7' / 2019

In the Chinese new year holidays, finding the coin inside the dumplings means having a blessed year ahead. A young woman loses a jar full of the lucky coins she has been collecting growing up, on her journey to a new country. Her new life begins with a search to find the coin. […]

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Siqi Song



film-roll Poland / Color / 6' / 2019

“Story” is a reflection about modern man in an age of omnipresent technology. Looking through stories -a popular function in many social media platforms- we see people who are lonely, lost or already indifferent about reality surrounding them. Action takes place during one day and it’s told by short, often (auto)ironic scenes, where virtual world […]

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Jolanta Bankowska


Saglana / Саглана

film-roll Russia / Color / 13' / 2019

After the death of her grandmother, a little girl remains completely alone in a remote taiga,with her blind grandfather, who used to be a hunter. She has to look for help through the harsh taiga winter. […]

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Ksenia Mikhailenko



film-roll Spain / Color / 9' / 2020

International Youth Jury Award for Best Short Animation Film 15 years have passed and Roberto is still in love with his neighbor, but she prefers to hide ashamed of her body. With his art and an old clothesline as the only ways of communication, Roberto has a plan to push his beloved for face her […]

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Carmen Córdoba González