film-roll Russia / Color / 106' / 2015

A story of modern Romeo and Juliet lived out in social networks and in the streets imposing the rules. To be together the main characters have to overcome many obstacles. There is bad blood between their schools and from the very beginning this love is a betrayal of their neighborhood and their community. Our heroes have to deal with their parents’ refusal to compromise or to acknowledge that children grow up quickly and a teenager is a personality with a right to choose. But true love conquers all.

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Andrey Zaytsev

Born in 1975. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and Alexander Mitta’s class at the Higher Courses for Directors and Scriptwriters. Has a degree in directing of fiction films and documentaries. Two-time winner of the Golden Eagle Award by the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia and Laurel Branch Award for non-fiction films and TV works. Awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation for the Cultural Achievements in 2012.

Andrey Zaytsev
Andrey Zaytsev
Kirill Bobrov
Shandor Berkeshi
Andrey Zaytsev
Yulya Batalova
Sound Design
Vladimir Golovnitsky
Film Cast
Gleb Kalyuzhny
Ulyana Vaskovich
Olga Ozollapinya
Alexey Filimonov
Dmitry Barinov
Daniil Pikula
Elizaveta Makedonskaya
Xenia Pakhomova
Olga Granina
Andrey Zaytsev
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