A Curious Girl


film-roll France, Nepal / Color / 14' / 2017

Jaalgedi takes her family’s animals, like any other day, to pastures outside her remote village. However, the arrival of a white tourist sends shockwaves among the children of the village who have never seen a foreigner in their lives before. Like all her friends, the inquisitive little girl gets distracted from her responsibilities for a while – following the strange white man around the village – only to find a catastrophe has befallen because of her innocent curiosities.

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Rajesh Prasad Khatri

Born in Nepal on 1985, is a graduate of Literature and currently a primary school teacher in the western remote villages of Nepal. He has been active as a theatre actor and director since last 10 years. He has also worked as a production manager in few films including The Black Hen that was the first Nepalese feature film ever premiered at Venice Critics Week and won the FEDEORA Best Film. A Curious Girl is his debut short film.

Rajesh Prasad Khatri
Rajesh Prasad Khatri
Shishir Bishankhe
Kiran Shrestha
Kabita Budha
Sound Design
Bipin Sthapit
Film Cast
Sharmila Khadka
Nandalal Khadka
Jhupri B.K.
Saune B.K.
Kummir Rawat
Kabita Budha
Srijana Khadka
Shital Khadka
Aaula Devi B.K.
Sanumaya B.K.
Manisha B.K.
Dhirmaya Khadka
Birsana Khadka
Rekha Khadka
Pitambar Panthi
Ranna Khadka
Sunjit Kami
Mahendra Kami
Min Bahadur Bham
Catherina Dussart
Suman Nidhi Sharma
Fidel Devkota
Catherina Dussart
Nigam Bhandari
Rajesh Prasad Khatri
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