A Letter – A Story

A Letter - A Story

film-roll Greece / Color / 15' / 2010

An original cartoon series that aims at learning through entertainment. Preschool and primary school pupils familiarise with letters and sounds of the Greek alphabet and language through verse based, funny, surrealistic animated stories, which combine the educational language with that of fairytales and television

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Αρίσταρχος Παπαδανιήλ

Σοφία Μαντουβάλου

Aristarchos Papadaniel was born in Athens in 1978. He studied Tourism Business Administration, Graphic Design, and Animation. Author of the book “Greek Political Caricature - The Serious Side of a ‘Funny’ Art” and creator of the Greek flipbook series “Pocket Cinema”. Co-founder of the creative studio Syllipsis, where he produces animation, illustration and visual communication Sophia Mandouvalou was born in Athens in 1949. She studied Developmental Psychology, Educational Technology and Film Direction. Author of literature for children and adults (awards, translations). Scriptwriter of many programmes for Educational Television. Since 1979 she works in the Department of Educational Radio / Television of the Greek Ministry of Education, designing, writing and producing educational material.

Αρίσταρχος Παπαδανιήλ
Σοφία Μαντουβάλου
Σοφία Μαντουβάλου
Αρίσταρχος Παπαδανιήλ
Αρίσταρχος Παπαδανιήλ
Δημήτρης Μαραμής
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