A Little Night Fairy Tale

A Little Night Fairy Tale

film-roll Bulgaria / Color / 105' / 2009

Little Misho and his father live in a big house with lots of lodgers. His mother left after a fight with his father, and ten days before Christmas the two men have to deal with life on their own. While his daddy is working the late-night shift at the hospital, the neighbors take turns looking after the boy. Misho imagines each of them as the fantasy hero of stories he makes up, as he devises various plans to get his mother to come back.

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Nikolay Akimov

Born on August 17th 1955 in Troyan, Bulgaria. 1979-1984, graduated from the National Film and Theater Academy Krystjo Sarafov. Completed a course on Theory of Drama in Boston College, USA. He has published short stories. He is author of two theatrical plays and director of two theatrical stagings. Director of the television broadcast “A Closer Look at the Balkans” for BBT. Scriptwriter of five documentaries. Director of seven documentaries. Translated famous novels from English to Bulgarian, which include “Couples” by John Updike, “Meetings with Rama” by Arthur Clarke, “The Syndrome Portnoy” by Philip Rot. He leaded two workshops on “How to write screenplay for sitcom,” leading course of screenwriting in New Bulgarian University for two years and teaching professor in ATCIC – Academy for TV, Cinema and Internet. He is Vice President of ATCIC and Member of EURASIAN ACADEMY FOR TV AND RADIO – Moscow.

Nikolay Akimov
Ludmil Stanev
Dimitar Gotchev
Nenad Bororevic
Rumen Toskov
Sound Design
Svetlozar Georgiev
Blagomir Aleksiev
Film Cast
Kalofer Hristov
Alexander Kosev
Nikolay Urumov
Maya Novoselska
Todor Kolev
Dimitar Rachkov
Nadya Konakchieva
Stefania Koleva
Radoslava Sentova-Udi
Vanya Stereva
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