A Shell


film-roll / Color / 7' / 2013

A boy finds a shell in the sand. In his hands, the shell magically turns the quiet beach and its surrounding urban landscape into an infinite, colourful and vibrant playground

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Maya Tiberman

She is a graduate of the Visual Communications Department in Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, and an MFA graduate in Film Directing at the Tel Aviv University. Maya has worked as a multidisciplinary graphic designer in several fields: branding, advertising and designing for the Internet and TV industry. She has directed three short films: Julot / Marbles (2006), Ramlod (2010), and Tzdafa / A Shell (2013).

Maya Tiberman
Shai Hershkowitz
Maya Tiberman
Avi Levi
Maya Tiberman
Kinneret Hay Gillor
Sound Design
Boaz Bachrach
Film Cast
Gur Moshe Kedem
Alma Moshe Kedem
Ben Moshe Kedem
Fiction Short FilmsIn Competition