A Time in Quchi

Shu Jia Zuo Ye

film-roll Taiwan / Color / 109' / 2013

Bao is sent to Quchi to accompany his recently widowed grandpa at the end of the semester because his parents are considering a divorce. Depressed and sullen, he brings his tablet and his summer vacation assignments with him. Bao soon becomes friend with a young girl and an aboriginal boy. Their friendship brightens Bao’s life during his parents’ separation. Bao experiences a child’s summer vacation there and renews his view on life at the end of the summer.

director image

Tso Chi Chang

Born in 1961, Chang Tso Chi’s film career began in 1987. He followed and learned from many master film directors, such as Yu Kan Ping, Hou Hsiao Hsien and Tsui Hark. In 1990, he started to direct several television dramas and films, two of which in 2000 and 2012 respectively won him Best Feature Film, the most honorable prizes in the Golden Horse Award, which is also nicknamed “Taiwan Oscar”. Chang Tso Chi was laureled with “National Award for Arts”, the highest honor in Taiwan’s world of art. A Time in Quchi is his latest film work

Tso Chi Chang
Tso Chi Chang
Ching-Kuo Yuan
Jacky Chen
Chih-Chun Hsu
Tso Chi Chang
Sound Design
Hui-Ching Hsieh
Film Cast
Liang-Yu Yang
Yun-Loong Kuan
Ya-Ruo Lin
Yung-Heng Yen
Shaoyi Jiang
Wen-Horng Kao
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