Agri and the Mountain

Ağri de vağ

film-roll Turkey / Color / 14' / 2013

In a small remote village at the skirts of the Mountain Ararat, nine-year-old Rodja wakes up a winter morning. As she gets ready for school, men work in the beautiful, windswept landscape, and women prepare dough for bread. This is a glimpse into the life of one child in a place where time seems to stand still

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Hasan Serin

Born in Kığı in Turkey in 1984, after living abroad for many years with his family, he returned to Turkey and studied film at Yeditepe University in Istan-bul whilst working on a number of short film projects.

Hasan Serin
Hasan Serin
Umut Can Sevindi
Hasan Serin
Hasan Serin
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