All I Imagine

Tudo o que imagino

film-roll Portugal / Color / 30' / 2017

End of adolescence, end of school, the last summer before joining the working world for a group of friends from the neighborhood of Alcoitão, “BDA”. With no adults around there is an illusion one can do what one wants. André improvises his life like in a rap music, searching for a path that will allow him more freedom, escaping from what’s familiar and close to him, but he’ll never manage to escape from himself.

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Leonor Noivo

She studied Architecture and Photography, Editing and Directing at ESTC. In 2006 she attended the Documentary Filmmaking course of Ateliers Varan at the C. Gulbenkian Foundation. She currently works as a director, script-supervisor and assistant director. She also teaches at Ar.Co since 2014 and at ESAD. In 2008 co-founded the Cinema Production company TERRATREME FILMES. Since then, she has developed her work, alongside with directing, as a producer, coordinating and monitoring fiction and documentary projects.

Leonor Noivo
Leonor Noivo
André Simões
Vasco Viana
João Vagos
Leonor Teles
Oão Braz
Joana Góis
Sound Design
Rafael Cardoso
Film Cast
André Simões
Emmy Soares
Alba Baptista
Gustavo Vargas
André Marques
Abby Injai
Ermelita Capieque
Carla Monteiro
Zé Simões
Dulci Dji
Fatu Injai
Edro Pinho
Leonor Noivo
Luísa Homem
João Matos
Susana Nobre
Tiago Hespanha
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