All I Want

All I Want

film-roll India / Color / 7' / 2017

Ratan is a 7 years old incorrigible and aimless street bum; who rambles through an entire day to buy one mango. The only money he has is 9 bucks. In his struggle of buying this mango, the very audacious Ratan will do whatever he can

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Venika Mitra

Bachelors in Mass Media and Mass Communication at Delhi University. Since 2008, she has been working as an assistant director in Hindi Film industry. She has worked at all sorts of levels on a film set, learning at every stage, slowly graduating to become a First A.D of a film unit. All I want is her directorial debut, made possible basically through crowdfunding.

Venika Mitra
Venika Mitra
Sarthak Johar
Gurmmeet Singh
Anurag Saikia
Sound Design
Vijay Kumar
Film Cast
Ballu A. Panchal
Atteet Bhandari
Kamal D. Khatak
Vidya Raj Sharma
Nirmala Venkatesan
Deepak Kalra
Digvijay Nikam
Gauri Chandrra
Aaryan Chandrra
Shyam Chandrra
Hemant Rathi
Kailash Shah
Post Pickle
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