Almost Friends

Almost Friends

film-roll / Color / 60' / 2014

Two girls meet on-line. Samar (12), whose mother is an Israeli Arab and father is a Palestinian from the West Bank, lives in Lod, a mixed city of Jews and Arabs riddled with poverty and crime. Linor (11) was born in a Jewish settlement in the Gaza strip, and lives in Tlamim, a religious Jewish village. Lod and Tlamim are only 67 kilometers apart, but a national, cultural, and ideological chasm separates them. The educational-technological project that starts with innocent online correspondence and adds a new – exciting, stressful, and surprising – element to the girls’ lives, and engages them and their families in a deep, complex experience.

director image

Nitzan Ofir

Director Nitzan Ofir has worked extensively in the Israeli film and television industry, as a director assistant, line producer and researcher. Almost Friends is her debut film.

Nitzan Ofir
Oded Kirma
Nili Feller
Sound Design
Aviv Aldema
Barak Heymann
Animation Short FilmIn Competition