Anatole’s Little Saucepan

La Petite Casserole d'Anatole

film-roll France / Color / 6' / 2014

Anatole is always dragging his little saucepan behind him. It fell on him one day and nobody really knows why. Since then, it gets stuck everywhere and it keeps him from getting on. Luckily things are not that simple.

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Eric Montchaud

Was a student in the first class of the animation school of La Poudrière in Valence in 1999. There, he was able to specialize in the stopmotion technique. His final year student film «Les Animals» was a success in festi-vals in Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand, Hiroshima. When one day his son showed him «Ana-tole’s little saucepan», a book by Isabelle Carrier, which becomes his first professional short film.

Eric Montchaud
Eric Montchaud
Nadine Buss
Gwen Mallauran
Animation Short FilmIn Competition