film-roll Canada / Color / 109' / 2019 16+

International Jury Award for Best Feature Film

Children’s Juries Award (over 13 years old) for Best Feature Film

Greek Film Clubs’ Association Award

A straight-A student and model citizen, Antigone oversteps the law when she helps her brother escape from prison. The vice-grip tightens around her as she stands up to authorities: the police, the law, the penal system, and the father of her friend Haemon. Antigone’s refusal to compromise her personal sense of justice wins the support of her peers, who mobilize on social networks and at
colorful protests. Rejecting the offer meant to secure her future, Antigone instead chooses love and loyalty to her immigrant family.

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Sophie Deraspe

It was visual arts and literature that led Sophie Deraspe to a career in cinema. As director of photography and/or film director, she made several forays into documentary before directing her first narrative feature film, Rechercher Victor Pellerin (2006), which plays with the codes of reality. Benefiting from strong reviews and multiple screenings around the world, Sophie’s work continued with the production, in 2009, of a second feature film, Les signes vitaux, equally imbued with realism. Since her nomination at the Tiger Awards in Rotterdam, Les signes vitaux has won 15 awards at some 30 international festivals. In Quebec, the movie was a finalist for the Best Film Jutra Award. In 2015, Sophie released the narrative feature Les Loups, winner of the FIPRESCI International Critics’ Award in Turin, as well as a first feature documentary, Le profil Amina, (U.S. title: The Amina Profile /A Gay Girl in Damascus) in the official competition at the Sundance Film Festival. Antigone is her fifth feature film.

Sophie Deraspe
Sophie Deraspe
Sophie Deraspe
Geoffrey Boulangé
Sophie Deraspe
Jean Massicotte
Jad Orphée Chami
Sound Design
Frédéric Cloutier
Film Cast
Nahéma Ricci
Nour Belkhiria
Rawad El-Zein
Rachida Oussaada
Antoine Desrochers
Paul Doucet
Hakim Brahimi
Marc Daigle
Les sept dernières paroles (2019)
Les loups (2015)
Le profil Amina (2015)
Les signes vitaux (2009)
Rechercher Victor Pellerin (2006)
Feature Fiction Film