Anything Goes

Alles Mag

film-roll Netherlands / Color / 23' / 2014

After moving to Amsterdam, 11-year-old Tygo from Brabant gives a class talk about carnival. What starts as a general explanation of the festival, turns into a personal and poignant account. Although his father always says that anything goes with carnival and Tygo dreams of joining the marching girls, his father also shows him that even with carnival one can go too far.

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Steven Wouterlood

Steven Wouterlood (1984) graduated in 2007 from the Utrecht School of the Arts as a fiction director. With his graduation film Loose he won the Award for Best Student Film at the Dutch Film Festival. In the years after his graduation he worked on multiple commercials as director and several films as assistant director. Last year, Steven directed his short movie The Girl Across the Street, which has been selected for several film festivals around the world. Recently he finished his children’s film Anything Goes, which will be broadcast by the Dutch television.

Steven Wouterlood
Maarten van Voornveld
Steven Wouterlood
Chiel van der Wolf
Joost Rietdijk
Christine Houbiers
Sound Design
Marco Vermaas
Film Cast
lars jennissen
Indy Aponno
Patrick Stoof
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