Aston’s Presents

Aston's Presents

film-roll Sweden / Color / 9' / 2012

In his anxious waiting for his birthday Aston is creating packages of anything that gets on his way. Sometimes the real present is not the best one.

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Uzi Geffenblad

Lotta Geffenblad

He is a musician, composer, screenwriter, director and producer. He also has been studying Psychology and Children’s Culture at the Stockholm University. Since 1988 he is working with films and since 1991 mainly with animation. His main collaboration is with Lotta Geffenblad with whom he has directed the 46 minutes cut-out film Among the thorns the short animations Apricots and Aston’s Stones and the current stop-motion series about Spot and Splodge. He has also worked with other filmmakers, as producer, editor and sound engineer. She studied at the Beckman’s School of Art and Design in Stockholm. Over the years she have produced and illustrated many short films, often in collaboration with other animators and visual artists. Lotta lectures at various animation schools on the technique “cut-out”. For many years she worked for the magazine Conti. She has also designed the look of the characters in the animated television series Creep School and made props and masks for numerous dance and theater performances. The sequence of Björnes Magazine is probably the best known of all the films. Other titles include Vinga Astray, Good morning Gerda Cuckoo, Slope, Pancake and When We Die, as well as the films she has directed in collaboration with Uzi Geffenblad.

Uzi Geffenblad
Lotta Geffenblad
Uzi Geffenblad
Lotta Geffenblad
Elinor Bergman
Uzi Geffenblad
Uzi Geffenblad
Sound Design
Cinepost AB
Film Cast
Vida Danemo Almqvist
Marie Almqvist
Peter Danemo
Uzi Geffenblad
”Among the thorns” ()
Apricots ()
”Aston’s Stones” ()
“Vinga Astray”, ()
“Good morning Gerda Cuckoo,” ()
Slope ()
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