Before father gets back

Before father gets back

film-roll France, Georgia, Germany / Color / 75' / 2018

In a darkened classroom, the white cracked walls serve as a movie screen. We are in a remote mountain village of Georgia. The light from the projector breaks the darkness: the kids’ first cinematic experience is about to begin. Among them are Iman and Eva, two Muslim girls for whom the experience becomes a turning point and inspires them to take the camera and start filming their daily lives. The girls are growing up in a valley infested by radicalism, where most people are living in a constant fear of their relatives sacrificing their lives in the name of God.

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Mari Gulbiani

She is a Georgian film director and screenplay writer. After finishing her education in philology (1989-1994) at the Tbilisi State University, she studied film directing at the Theatre and Film State University (2001-2006). She then fine-tuned her experience at the Parisian film school to become a fully-fledged documentary film director. She has worked in the culture department of the main Georgian public TV station (TV1) in the years 1997-1999, and the program department of TV9 in 1999-2003. She founded the production company Midifilm in 2007. From 2013, she worked for the Noosfera Foundation in the context of the Documentary Monday project and in the program department of the documentary film festival CineDoc Tbilisi. She also worked for CineDoc Young as a section coordinator.

Mari Gulbiani
Mari Gulbiani
Nik Voigt
Toto Kotetishvili
Nina Graafland
Levan Mizandari
Sound Design
Matthias Weber
Tekla Machavariani
Aleksandre Shervashidze
Laurence Uebersfeld
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