Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow / La Freccia Azzurra

film-roll Italy, Luxembourg / Color / 94' / 1996

It’s the 6th of January, and, as it happens every year in Italy, Befana will cross the skies to deliver presents to all the children. Dr Scarafoni, her devious helper, is taking advantage of her generosity and plans to give presents only to the rich children; besides, their parents visit Befana’s toy shop often. However, Befana’s magical toys rebel. They leave her shop and go to Francesco’s house. Francesco is the poorest kid in the neighbourhood, and the toys know he longs for the toy train in the window of the Blue Arrow shop, but also that he knows he could never afford it… Going through dangers and adventures in the city’s dark streets, the brave little toys will make new friends, who will help them reach the homes of all the children the evil Dr Scarafoni tried to exclude.

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Enzo d’Alò

Enzo d’Alò
Enzo d’Alò
Umberto Marino
Nicola Sbrulati
Paolo Conte
Film Cast
Dario Fo
Lella Costa