Blue eyes and colorful my dress

Blue eyes and colorful my dress / Ochite mi sini, rokljata sharena

film-roll Bulgaria, Germany / Color / 55' / 2020 3+

Kids & Docs Jury Special Mention

Full of curiosity and self-confidence, three-year-old Zhana explores her surroundings over the course of several summer days. Making discoveries as she goes and bravely having small adventures, she skips through puddles, gets to know some cats and a dog and freely interprets the games of the older children. Zhana’s own little magic world is on the playgrounds and small peaceful streets and squares of a Bulgarian housing estate where time seems to have stood still. Told intimately through the child‘s-eye view, this documentary accompanies its curious little protagonist through her everyday life and creates a portrait of poetic simplicity.

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Polina Gumiela

She is Bulgarian-Polish and was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1981. She emigrated to Berlin in 2000. Her first interest belonged to photography before giving it up for film making which she found more fulfilling. She has studied American Studies at the Free University Berlin and is a graduate in film directing from the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). "Blue Eyes and Colorful My Dress" is her second feature-length documentary.

Polina Gumiela
Polina Gumiela
Polina Gumiela
Polina Gumiela
Sound Design
Polina Gumiela
Film Cast
Zhana Henkes
Polina Gumiela
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