Botev is an Idiot

Botev is an Idiot

film-roll Bulgaria / Color / 9' / 2012

Vasko has written an essay that offends and questions the mythological image of Hristo Botev, who is widely considered by Bulgarians to be a symbolic historical figure and national hero. When the director of the school herself interrogates him in front of the whole class, he reveals that what he meant to say was something entirely different.

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Deyan Bararev

He was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1987. He has graduated from Euroschool Rovel with English and Informatics. He is working on his diploma for two baccalaureate degrees — in Economics and in Film Directing at the New Bulgarian University. He has one published short story and has worked as a freelance writer in popular magazines. He recently participated in the Midpoint Central European Script Center program as a screenwriter. He is a director and screenwriter of four films and co-writer of two.

Deyan Bararev
Deyan Bararev
George Marinov-Gopeto
Dimitar Vasilev
Angel Simitchiev
Sound Design
Mihail Pelovski
Film Cast
Valentin Stoev
Maya Baburska
Victor Apostolov
Nicole Shopova
Deyan Bararev
Iliyan Kiuchukov
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