film-roll Turkey / Color / 9' / 2012

The attendant in the Society for the Protection of Children realizes that every morning one loaf of bread is missing in the storeroom. First, he thinks it’s the bakery’s fault but later finds out that a child is filching the bread. So, he decides to keep an eye on him.

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Koray Sevindi

He was born in Istanbul, Turkey. After studying Mechanical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, he worked as assistant director in various short films, documentaries and advertisements. He studied film directing at New York Film Academy. His first short film Ekmek (Bread) was officially screened and won various awards in many international and national film festivals. He wrote articles on the cinema as well as film reviews in Potansiyel and Hayal Perdesi magazines in Turkey. He still studies theoretical and practical in cinema.

Koray Sevindi
Koray Sevindi
Muhammet Abdülgafur Şahin
Sedat Şahin
Sinan Sertel
Nazım Çınar
Sound Design
Demir Baran Kutlu
Film Cast
Osman Doğan
Muaz Ete
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