film-roll Netherlands / Color / 5' / 2010

A bunch of construction workers are building a large tower. All is well, until one brick accidentally falls off the walls. It appears that reality isn’t quite what it was thought to be…

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Frodo Kuipers

Frodo Kuipers studied at the ABV in Tilburg, The Netherlands, and at KASK Ghent in Belgium. He graduated with honours with the film ‘Antipoden’. This film was selected at many festivals and received several awards. The film was also nominated for the selection for the Cartoon d’Or by the International Animation Film Festival in Brussels. Between May 2002 and February 2005 Frodo was a participant at the Netherlands Institute for Animation Film (NIAf). He finished two films at the NIAf: “Shipwrecked” and “Street”. In March 2005 Frodo has started Studio Mosquito. Since then, he has worked as an animator,director, storyboard artist on several projects, and received a grant from the Dutch Film Fund to make a new independent short “Bricks”, produced by Il Luster Productions. Furthermore, Frodo works as a musician and actor, and is an animation teacher at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

Frodo Kuipers
Frodo Kuipers
Frodo Kuipers
Alex Debicki
Film Cast
Simon Zwiers
Chris Mouw
Arnoud Rijken
Michiel Snijders
Lost in Space (2010)
Lost in Space (2005)
De Wijzer (2005)
Street (2005)
Antipoden (2001)
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