Clown. My daddy drinks

Clown. My daddy drinks / Klovn. Min pappa drikker.

film-roll Norway / Color / 22' / 2019

Bendik is 9 years old, and he is very fond of his father. There is just one problem, Bendik’s dad drinks too much. When his father drinks, Bendik feels that he acts like a clown that no one likes. Bendik can’t stand his dad’s drinking.

In “Clown”, the filmmaker has used memories from his own childhood to tell a story of a family that pretends that everything is fine and that the picture is perfect. In the film you also meet children who talk about what they would have done if they had had a mom or a dad who drank too much. “Clown” is part of a documentary project for children called “My family”. This is the third film about children in Norway who live in realities adults rather not talk about.

6 Dec - 18:00 / Cine Cinema
director image

Torgeir Kalvehagen

He is a filmmaker based in Porsgrunn, Norway. Kalvehagen runs Filmplot AS, a small filmcompany focusing documentaries for children. In the early 1990s he started his career in the children department of NRK,the Norwegian public broadcast service. Kalvehagen has studied film in the Czech Republic, communication and mass media in the US and documentaries at the University of Volda (Norway).

Torgeir Kalvehagen
Torgeir Kalvehagen
Odd Hynnekleiv
Torgeir Kalvehagen
Nicholas Sillitoe
Sound Design
Adrian Dark
Film Cast
Andreas Thorsteinsen
Joakim Dan Jørgensen
Kjersti Høgli
Ludvik Karoliussen Kjendalen
Torgeir Kalvehagen
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