Copper Notes of a Dream

Copper Notes of a Dream / Not haye Mesi Yek Roya

film-roll Canada, Iran / Color / 88' / 2019

Malook, his mother, his sister and a few of his friends are among the survivors of the civil war in Syria. The ten-year-old Malook who’s thirsty to boss around the remaining other children, together with his friends collect copper from destroyed houses and earn a living off of their sales. Among all the destruction and rubbles and big question marks over the uncertain future, hope and happiness gush out of the debris. Malook and his fourteen-year-old sister wish to become musicians and attempt to hold a concert in the wrecked stadium. Malook believes he can do whatever he puts his mind to.

4 Dec - 18:00 / Cine Cinema
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Reza Farahmand

He graduated in Art at Tehran Art University and Agricultural engineering and his main concern is documentary cinema and filming complicated facts of societies and cultures. He has been volunteer to take the hardest futuristic days without any reward in order to show invisible events or intangible records of news. His movies are well known for: rich image, consistent story line in spite of being documentary, focus on the content of story, wise edit and suitable and exciting rhythm.

Reza Farahmand
Reza Farahmand
Mehrad Amin
Reza Farahmand
Fatemeh Bonyadi
Christophe Rezai
Sound Design
Hassan Mahdavi
Hamid Ahmadi
Film Cast
Morteza Shabani
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