Counting Happiness

film-roll Greece, India / Color / 12' / 2012

Hasan is a five-year old boy who lives alone in the streets of Delhi, selling wind-up chickens. The little Indian is the very image of joyful life and determination. His adventures lead him to the secret that was first put forward by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle: “Happiness depends on ourselves”.

director image

Venetia Evripiotou

She was born in Athens. She is a visual artist and she seeks inspiration through her travels around the world. In 2011, a visit to India led to the Greco-Indian co-production of her first short film “Counting Happiness”, which won many awards from important international film festivals.

Venetia Evripiotou
Venetia Evripiotou
Abbas Rizvi
Avik Chaterjee
Yiorgos Magoulas
Sound Design
Amit Chatterjee
Film Cast
Satyam Singh
Shakir Adeel
Najmus Saqib
Fiction Short FilmsIn Competition