Cry Rosa

Cry Rosa

film-roll Ireland, United Kingdom / Color / 20' / 2017

Rosa, a music obsessed, mixed-race 11 year-old girl starts to question her identity when she becomes the victim of bullying in 1980s inner city Belfast.

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Imogen Murphy

She is an Irish director of drama for film & television. A graduate of the National Film School of Ireland, she has gained numerous awards for her drama and documentary work. Her short films have played at over 100 film festivals world-wide, and she has directed for broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, E4, MTV, RTE, TG4, TV3, Setanta and the History Channel.

Imogen Murphy
David McCrea
Kate McCullough
Phil Ronayne
Film Cast
Kelly Gough
Martin McCann
Skye McClenaghan
Grace Fleming
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