Dad / Pappa

film-roll Norway / Color / 8' / 2018 6+

Larger than life, dressed in suit and tie, dad appears at the window one evening, with a gift for his son. Daddy is strong and brave –he frees animals from captivity, wins races with his super fast car, dives down into the depths of the ocean. Dad is a sorcerer who can make himself appear and disappear magically. The film tells of a child’s poignant longing for his absent father.

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Atle Blakseth

Einar Dunsæd

Since graduating from Volda University College in Norway in 2002, director Atle Blakseth has been involved in numerous animated feature films, VFX productions and television series. He has also directed and been lead animator on several short films. Recently, he has been working as art director and co-director on the feature film Ella Bella Bingo, which is ready to hit the theaters in 2020.

Founder, director and animator of the Norwegian production company Gimpville, Einar Dunsæd has many years of experience in television series and film production. He is currently working as a layout artist and animator on the film "Ella Bella Bingo".

Atle Blakseth
Einar Dunsæd
Atle Blakseth
Kari Tinnen
Atle Blakseth
Johannes Ringen
Sound Design
Peter Dixon
Film Cast
Hanna Kavli Lund
Torgeir Sanders
John Einar Hagen
Norwegian, English
Isfiske (2009)
Animation Short Film